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Mini Monstera 2

ARTIST Giuseppe Beddru Medium Mixed Media on Canvas Dimensions (H x W)31 x 31 in79 x 79 cm Artwork Location Artplex Gallery
US$ 2,600

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In the realm of vibrant expressions, Italian artist Giuseppe Beddru masterfully brings to life abstracted flora in a spectacular fusion of color and form. The canvas dances with an orchestra of hues, where vivid leaves unfurl their chromatic elegance against an abstract backdrop, akin to a captured moment when a gentle breeze whispers through the foliage. Beddru's brushstrokes breathe life into ordinary elements, imbuing them with lively exuberance and unexpected shades. Each stroke seems to echo the artist's profound delight in life's simple pleasures—the serenity of a garden stroll, the comfort of a book with a soothing drink, the coastal dance of azure seas with their quaint fishing boats and shacks. Scenes of domestic bliss come alive, shimmering, and sparkling beneath Beddru's artistic finesse.

Amidst the verdant tapestry, the artist delicately portrays a tender scene of leaves amidst lush greenery. This botanical marvel, a mixed-media painting on canvas, embodies the essence of beauty in its simplicity. Beddru skillfully incorporates a palette of yellows, reds, and greens, punctuated by gentle pinks and purples. His innovative approach, combining layering techniques and unique brushwork, gives birth to a painterly quality that defines his distinctive signature. The result is a vibrant painting that beckons the soul into a world of vivid energy and joyful exuberance.

This one-of-a-kind colorful mixed media 31-inch square artwork is painted on canvas. The artwork is signed by the artist on the front. Free local Los Angeles area delivery. Affordable Continental U.S. and worldwide shipping. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included.

Reminiscent of the Fauvist movement and Italian classicism, artist Giuseppe Beddru’s bold outlines, dynamic brushstrokes, and contrasting use of color make his work visually exciting. His paintings are indicative of self-discovery and emotional awareness, while also focusing on color, composition, and technical skill. This balance of visual dynamics and emotional response is essential to Beddru’s work.

Giuseppe Beddru currently lives in his studio in Brussels and exhibits internationally on a regular basis in venues spanning from highly ranked art fairs to museums in both solo and collective exhibitions. His artworks are part of distinguished international private collections, such as the collection of the Saudi Royal Family and notable art collector Graeme Hart (New Zealand).

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