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Alluring Beauty

Alluring Beauty

August 12, 2022 - September 8, 2022 Alluring Beauty: August 12, 2022 - September 8, 2022 Opening: Friday 12th of August 2022 4PM - 6PM

Beauty is rather a measure of affect, a measure of emotion. In the context of art, beauty is the gauge of successful communication between participants – the conveyance of a concept between the artist and the perceiver. Beautiful art is successful in portraying the artist’s most profound intended emotions and desired concepts, whether they be pretty and bright, or dark and sinister. However, neither the artist nor the observer can ever be certain of the successful communication of the intended idea. In the end, beauty in art will continue to be eternally subjective.

“The Chandelier series was created to express how we inspire one another,” explains Ash Almonte. “As an artist, I am attempting to portray this idea visually through the expression of light, the light we provide one another. The beauty and complexity of a chandelier are what I find best represent this light. Throughout all my works are hidden winding abstract circles, representing unconditional love without an end or beginning.”

As a post-revolutionary Cuban-born artist, Carlos Gamez de Francisco paints a bright distorted reality in which he demystifies classical beauty and presents it as more of a natural process in its natural form. The figures in his portraiture-style artworks are superimposed and manipulated through the artist’s own experiences of historical figures and events.

Alea Pinar Du Pre’s technique involves a fusion of materials, outlooks, and diverse inspirations. With layered materials such as acrylics, printed elements, and gilt captured under an epoxy lens, Pinar Du Pre finds a physical representation of the layered reality she aims to depict in her subjects. Paying tribute to her main influences, Pinar Du Pre describes her style as "Jugendstil Pop-Art". Distinguishing herself from Pop-Art, which is largely stimulated by the iconography of materialism, Pinar Du Pre’s vision is intimate and intends to subvert the genre.

Marco Pittori has always worked with photography and uses his own or the licensed photographs of others, such as renowned Los Angeles photographer Brad Elterman. Pittori collects and edits the images, adding additional points of interest throughout the photograph. The current series of Marco Pittori’s multi-layered photographs are based on Brad Elterman’s iconic images “Behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, 1977”. The motifs are carefully placed and layered, until they reveal a whole new reality.

Kate Tova’s work incorporates vibrant, large-scale multimedia artworks infused with reflective mediums and thick textures. Colors splash across the page melding into flourishes of sequins, rhinestones, and glitter. The natural beauty of her subjects is juxtaposed against the "engine of technology" inspiring personal and innovative compositions.

Since the opening of Artplex Gallery in 2018, the gallery continues to be one of the world's leading art galleries specializing in high-quality, original contemporary art representing a broad spectrum of major international artists. Right at home in West Hollywood and within immediate proximity to its sister gallery Artspace Warehouse, Artplex Gallery is an expansive modern space that specializes in international urban, pop, graffiti, figurative, and abstract art catering to the visual impact.