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ARTIST Eva Larsson Medium Ceramic, Japanese Raku Fired Dimensions (H x W x D)5 x 13 x 5 in13 x 33 x 13 cm Artwork Location Artplex Gallery
US$ 3,100

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The sculptures of Swedish artist Eva Larsson explore societal standards and hierarchy versus the liberation and courage of the individual. Figures manifest as dancers in the larger social choreography of the artist; with delicate ceramic bodies standing, sitting, and flying in a weightless space. Seen alone or contextualized by other figures, Larsson’s figurative sculptures capture the sensitivity of human emotion and encourage the contemplation of memory and interaction.

This floating ceramic sculpture is created through the process of Japanese raku firing, which creates a complex marbled surface that has an iridescent appearance in the light. The 13-inch-long figure floats in the air with the aid of transparent blue wire. Artplex Gallery offers complimentary local Los Angeles delivery. Due to the delicacy and rarity of these unique works of art, Artplex Gallery recommends either local delivery or pick up. This unique artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by the gallery.

A complex process to master, the Japanese raku firing technique gives Larsson’s ceramic sculptures a refined, yet unpredictable surface with delicate shades of color and elegant cracks that manifest naturally within the confines of a thick, glassy glaze. Larsson’s aim is to create a reflective surface with space in between for personal reflection, in which the viewer’s thoughts and memories are activated.

Eva Larsson was born in Boras, Sweden. She received her BFA from the Konstfack University of Art and Design in 1998. Since then, her life has revolved around art. Larsson’s raku fired ceramic figures are coveted for their striking intimacy and rarity, as her process is complex and the outcome is unpredictable. Each piece is hand formed, unique, and individually pulled from a kiln while glowing hot.

An emphasis on exploratory creative practice has brought her where she is today with a plethora of international exhibitions and public art commissions. Her sculptural works can be found in public and private collections globally.

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