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ARTIST Steven Nederveen Medium Mixed Media, Acrylic on Original Photograph on Wood Panel Dimensions (H x W)42 x 42 in107 x 107 cm Artwork Location Artplex Gallery
US$ 5,200

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Steven Nederveen's art is a testament to the complex and ever-evolving relationship between humans and nature. His vivid nature scenes, often seemingly uplifting and idyllic, also reveal the darker aspects of our connection with the natural world. Through his work, Nederveen explores the dualities of our relationship with nature - the love and destruction that can coexist within us. His masterful use of color and light illuminates the beauty and mystery of natural environments such as oceans and forests. In these idealized settings, Nederveen's art captures the essence of nature's power and the human desire to both control and be moved by it. The resulting effect is both heightened and profound, inviting viewers to contemplate their own relationship with nature.

This stunning 42-inch square artwork is 1.75 inches deep on a wood panel and is signed and titled on the back by the artist. It comes wired and ready to hang, with the sides painted white. Free local delivery is available for those in the Los Angeles area, and affordable shipping is available for those outside of the region. A certificate of authenticity issued by the art gallery is included with the artwork, ensuring that the piece is an authentic work of art from Steven Nederveen's collection.

Nederveen received his Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta in 1995, and soon after settled in Vancouver, BC. It was there that he first felt a deep sense of the sacred in natural surroundings, which inspired him to use his art as a means of exploring our connection to the natural world. His work speaks to the universal human experience of yearning for a harmonious relationship with nature while acknowledging the complexities and contradictions that can exist within us.

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