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Anna Kruhelska

Anna Kruhelska

Anna Kruhelska, a talented visual artist and practicing architect from Lodz, Poland, merges her expertise in both fields to create captivating artworks. With a background in major architectural projects across Russia, Malaysia, and the UK, Kruhelska's deep understanding of form, symmetry, and space informs her contemporary art practice.

Inspired by minimalism, architectural composition, and geometry, she focuses on abstract, three-dimensional paper and wooden wall reliefs. These pieces reflect light, creating mesmerizing effects that depend on the viewer's perspective. Kruhelska's art revolves around the interplay of light and shade, contrast, color, and repetitive patterns shaped by folds and hollows.

Kruhelska's artwork has been showcased in exhibitions across Italy, Poland, London, Germany, the UK, and the United States, where audiences are invited to engage with her captivating creations that blur the boundaries between architecture and art.