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Artplex Gallery specializes in exceptional original contemporary art, offering you a chance to discover your ultimate artwork of desire among the convergence of talented artists, unique techniques, and unforgettable storytelling.

All artworks are exhibited and readily available for sale at Artplex Gallery. Our large Los Angeles art gallery is centrally located among other galleries and interior design stores in the West Hollywood area.

The gallery discovers, supports, and promotes the most promising breakout artists gaining well-deserved attention on the global stage.

We provide a comprehensive, full-service approach, advising on exceptional art choices. Our wide range of unique artworks and virtual installations guarantee a satisfying, extraordinary experience tailored to your preferences.

Our galleries can be found in international art hotspots:
Los Angeles: Artplex Gallery | Artspace Warehouse
Zurich: Galerie Reitz | Kunstwarenhaus

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Artplex Gallery is the premier destination for art enthusiasts who seek to discover and collect exceptional artworks by the most exciting emerging artists from around the world. By identifying and representing promising artists at the early stages of their careers, the gallery is able to offer a diverse range of stunning works that are both innovative and affordable. The gallery allows collectors to acquire exceptional pieces that may appreciate in value over time, while also supporting the careers of the most promising artists working today.

For collectors who are passionate about contemporary art, our comprehensive approach guides you to exceptional art choices, promising a uniquely satisfying and extraordinary experience.
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Our international clientele includes first-time and established collectors, museums, celebrities, interior designers, set decorators, and global corporations such as Disney, DreamWorks, Capital One, CBS, Warner Bros, Hulu, HBO, Sony, Style Network, Fendi Casa as well as renowned agencies and collectors, including LACMA and MOCA trustees.

Our international locations: Los Angeles | Artplex Gallery | Artspace Warehouse & Zurich | Kunstwarenhaus | Galerie Reitz.