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Unwrap the Extraordinary: Elevated Holiday Gifts

Unwrap the Extraordinary: Elevated Holiday Gifts

December 6, 2023 - December 29, 2023 Unwrap the Extraordinary: Elevated Holiday Gifts: December 6, 2023 - December 29, 2023 Opening: Wednesday 6th of December 2023 4PM - 6PM

Unwrap the Extraordinary: Elevate Your 2023 Holiday Gifting Experience with the Ultimate Curated Original Artwork Gift Guide

Immerse yourself in a world where each brushstroke tells a story and every canvas is a masterpiece waiting to be unwrapped. Our collection is meticulously curated to bring you original artworks that go beyond the expected, promising a gifting experience like no other. 

Whether you are seeking a one-of-a-kind present for a loved one or looking to treat yourself to a piece of artistic wonder, this exhibition is your gateway to discovering the extraordinary.

Unwrap the Extraordinary is a celebration of artistic diversity, featuring works that span various styles, mediums, and genres. From contemporary marvels that capture the spirit of the present to timeless classics that echo through the ages, our collection showcases the pinnacle of artistic achievement.

In this curated ultimate original artwork gift guide, we invite you to explore the fusion of tradition and innovation, where emerging talents meet seasoned artists in a harmonious dance of creativity. The pieces on display are not just artworks; they are expressions of emotion, statements of individuality, and gateways to a world where art becomes the ultimate form of celebration.

As you embark on this visual journey, let the spirit of the holidays intertwine with the magic of art. Unwrap the Extraordinary is more than an exhibition; it's an invitation to elevate your gifting experience, to discover the joy of giving and receiving something truly exceptional.

Join us in celebrating the holiday season with a touch of artistic splendor. Step into a world where each artwork is a conversation starter, and each gift is a testament to the extraordinary. Unwrap the Extraordinary awaits, promising an unforgettable holiday experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional gifting.


Jonjo Elliott: Chill


Chill US$ 1,200

Jonjo Elliott

20 x 20
51 x 51
Jennyfer Stratman: Connected Through The Vines


Connected Through The Vines US$ 9,800

Jennyfer Stratman

31 x 70 x 5
79 x 178 x 13
Nando Kallweit: José


José US$ 650

Nando Kallweit

7 x 3 x 2
18 x 8 x 5
Alea Pinar Du Pre: Silver Bunny

Mixed Media

Silver Bunny US$ 10,500

Alea Pinar Du Pre

62 x 40
156 x 102
Alex Voinea: av_846


av_846 US$ 5,900

Alex Voinea

51 x 38
130 x 97
Lee Herring: Pink Rays

Mixed Media

Pink Rays US$ 600

Lee Herring

15 x 15
37 x 37
Bruce Rubenstein: MF Doom

Mixed Media

MF Doom Price
on request

Bruce Rubenstein

60 x 40
152 x 102
Alessandro Casetti: Spring Fire

Mixed Media

Spring Fire US$ 5,000

Alessandro Casetti

48 x 40
122 x 102
Iqi Qoror: Perfect Chairs

Mixed Media

Perfect Chairs US$ 5,300

Iqi Qoror

40 x 47
100 x 119