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Sugar Coated Beach Culture

Sugar Coated Beach Culture

July 17, 2020 - August 20, 2020 Sugar Coated Beach Culture: July 17, 2020 - August 20, 2020

Sugar Coated Beach Culture exhibition at Artplex Gallery celebrates artists Elizabeth Langreiter, Steven Nederveen, and Victoria Kovalenchikova.

Having a scenery influenced by an environment of water, earth, and in some instances, people in plain sight embracing the openness and depth of the ocean reflects the expression of the imagination of internationally established artists Steven Nederveen, Victoria Kovalenchikova, and Elizabeth Langreiter.

Maps help us understand the world on a much smaller scale. The textural reflective artworks of Victoria Kovalenchikova take the form of maps to another level, expressing our desire to travel to the various parts of the world we have not experienced yet. While we all enjoy spending time in the ocean, relaxing, playing, swimming, or surfing, we are also fascinated by watching other people interact with everything a beach offers. Elizabeth Langreiter invites us to explore her three-dimensional artworks of people relaxing in the water above a rocky underwater terrain while Steven Nederveen captures with great detail the light reflected in breaking waves as they roll to shore.

Elizabeth Langreiter’s unique mixed media aerial paintings are a delightful escape from reality into a playful and joyful world. Her art often evokes the viewer to experience happy flashbacks to a favorite time or place through a sophisticated combination of pattern, color and interesting textures. Elizabeth’s paintings are now capturing the hearts of collectors all over the world.

Victoria Kovalenchikova is inspired by the connection between all humans, and in her series, “Earth,” she explores the planet as a work of art. Using google images to explore the Earth in its entirety, she plays with angles and textures. An earlier series focused on the tightly zoomed in areas of urban cities, and the “Earth” series is the antithesis of this micro exploration.

Steven Nederveen's work focuses on the changeable relationship we have with nature. Loving and destroying in the same breath. The darkness of the human psyche underlies many of his overtly positive and uplifting nature scenes. Oceans and forests are idealized, radiating an inner light that burns. This heightened effect corresponds to our own yearning for more, wanting to be at one with nature, to control it, to be moved by it, to tame it.