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Layering Undulations

Layering Undulations

August 5, 2021 - September 2, 2021 Layering Undulations: August 5, 2021 - September 2, 2021

Our newest exhibition, Layering Undulations, refers to the tactile and additive process used by the artist to create their own unique motion. To set in motion, by synonym, is to activate, to initiate, to get underway, to instate, to usher in, to open. There are myriad ways to interpret the phrase and how movement might be considered in this moment. Through their work, Artplex artists Elizabeth Langreiter, Steven Nederveen, and Sally West,  are able to respond to the rapidly changing social and environmental climates in which we find ourselves, interpreted through their different perspectives, aesthetic/conceptual approaches, and personal narratives.

Elizabeth Langreiter’s unique mixed media aerial paintings are a delightful escape from reality into a playful and joyful world. Her art often evokes the viewer to experience happy flashbacks to a favorite time or place through a sophisticated combination of pattern, color and interesting textures. Elizabeth’s paintings are now capturing the hearts of collectors all over the world.

Steven Nederveen's work focuses on the changeable relationship we have with nature. Loving and destroying in the same breath. The darkness of the human psyche underlies many of his overtly positive and uplifting nature scenes. Oceans and forests are idealized, radiating an inner light that burns. This heightened effect corresponds to our own yearning for more, wanting to be at one with nature, to control it, to be moved by it, to tame it.

What makes Sally West’s artworks so recognizable is the combination of texture, abstraction and calming colors. The movement of the paint strokes on canvas is reminiscent of a light breeze or waves. This is communicated even more clearly through the use of pastel and delicate shades of color in her artworks’ backgrounds.