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Mohamad Khayata

Mohamad Khayata

Khayata’s works are the result of ten years of displacement and deal with themes of migration, memory and identity. His work is a tribute to displaced people whose stories are filled with effort, hope, and serene melancholy. Born in Damascus, Syria, artist Mohamad Khayata was forced to flee his home country due to ongoing political conflict. He has been living in Beirut, Lebanon since 2012.

Khayata’s black and white portraits feature women in domestic settings. The backgrounds of delicately layered dry wash elicit vulnerablity and emotionality. Women in Khayata’s work wear madeh, a homemade patchwork quilt made from clothing which harkens to personal history with his mother. This madeh also became the inspiration for his documentary photography series “Stitching My Syria Back,” it is symbol in his work.

Khayata’s work is a resounding call for transformation and unity within his home country. His photography project "Stitching my Syria back" was chosen to be part in Journeys Festival International 2016 as a landmark for the “Look up” project in Leicester, England, where his photographs were installed on ten buildings.

In the last five years, Khayata also participated in ten collective exhibitions across Europe and the Middle East. Holding his BA in Fine Arts obtained at Damascus University, Khayata is a bastion of Syrian legacy, memory, home, and happiness.