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Lee Herring

Lee Herring

Vibrant, textured, and abstract landscapes convey fleeting moments in Lee Herring’s paintings. His energetic artworks are inspired by everyday moments and memories. In these moments, Herring captures ephemeral spaces in a spontaneous, dream-like landscape.

Herring was born in Sunderland, in northeast England. After excelling in Art throughout his early education, he went on to study Fine Art at the University of Chester where he developed his painting style. Herring graduated with 1st class honors and was awarded the University Prize for his work. Years of dedication to his creative practice have cultivated Herring’s current multimedia style.

Sold-out shows and professional collaborations characterize Herring’s international presence. In constant development, Herring's eyecatching style has been displayed and represented internationally with a strong following of investors, collectors, and reputable galleries.