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Iqi Qoror

Iqi Qoror

A native of Indonesia, Iqi Qoror started his career as a professional Visual Artist with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. His works revolve around the questions of trust, interspersed with fragments of modernity set against his own social experience. Each artwork represents a point of self reflection: “ We live in a catastrophic world and I express my response, my scream, through my works, and I’m constructing a question of our madness.”

Qoror constantly challenges himself to be more experimental and versatile in his art practice, from installation to mixed media painting. Qoror has established himself as one of the fastest rising stars of the Indonesian art scene. Starting with the gradual dominance of the South East Asian art market, Qoror now has a growing international collector base through his exhibitions in international hot spots such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and now Los Angeles.

One of Qoror’s greatest strengths is his distinctive multi-media surrealism. Qoror’s combination of different media merges not only different art practices such as painting and embroidery, but past and present as well. The combination of modern expressionistic style with pops of color render his artwork unforgettably visceral. This blend of portraiture, pop-textiles and surrealistic imagery invokes curiosity, confusion, and a playful connection with our contemporary world.