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Evan Venegas

Evan Venegas

With his artworks, Evan Venegas seeks to create an experience for the viewer that inspires a change in perception or consciousness. Working from his studio in Queens, New York, his geometric paintings are inspired by a heightened self-awareness and a desire to share this experience with others.

After graduating with a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Venegas began exploring shapes, colors, and scale to improvise and organize thoughts within his mind. His ‘Lost Grid’ series reflects how he interprets human-made structures like fashion, infrastructure, building materials, pedestrian patterns, and the way in which humans interact within a community. The shapes in Evan’s work are individual pieces of a puzzle, laid out for the viewer’s imagination to create and assemble an experience that is unique and personal. “I do not put literal representations of my observations into my paintings. I allow for this to be open to interpretation”.

Venegas has received numerous accolades for his artwork over the years. Recently, a recipient of the Sustainable Arts Foundation Award. He was also honored with the Community Supported Arts & Design Award in 2015. Public collections include Hospital for Special Surgery and New York Presbyterian Hospital.