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Elizabeth Langreiter

Elizabeth Langreiter

Elizabeth Langreiter’s unique mixed-media aerial paintings are a delightful escape from reality into a playful and joyful world. Her art often evokes the viewer to experience happy flashbacks to a favorite time or place through a sophisticated combination of pattern, color, and interesting textures. Langreiter’s paintings are now capturing the hearts of collectors all over the world.

Driven by a passion to create and spread a bit more joy in the world, Langreiter calls on her inner child to recreate happy memories of long carefree days growing up in beautiful sunny Australia swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Her most popular paintings are created with little 3D people who are hand sculpted on the canvas with many layers of fine, intrinsic detail.

Langreiter’s paintings are now in collections in the USA, Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, UK, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, Slovakia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia.